Full T&Cs


  1. The Indigo Prize will be awarded to a Winning Entrant whom in the opinion of the Judges submits the best answer to the Prize Question in accordance with these Rules.
  2. The Prize Question is: “How would you design a new economic measure for global economies that fully acknowledges not only social and economic factors but the impact of creativity, entrepreneurship and digital skills? How should your new measure be used to improve the way we measure GDP in official statistics?”
  3. The First Prize is £100,000. The first runner-up prize is £25,000. The second runner-up prize is £10,000. All prizes will be awarded in British pounds sterling.
  4. The Prizes are funded by LetterOne.
  5. The Indigo Prize panel of Judges (“the Judges”) will shortlist submissions and award Prizes, and ensure that the competition is administered fairly and according to these Rules.
  6. The competition is free to enter.
  7. Joint submissions are welcome and entrants are free to call upon any expertise at any time in the development of their submissions. Publicity relating to any winning submission will give credit to all those identified as having developed it.
  8. The competition is open to everyone, except the Judges and their employers, and the employees, Trustees, and contractors of any organisation named within these Rules, and the families of those persons. In any cases of doubt about eligibility to enter, the Judges may be consulted and their ruling is final.


  1.  A person wishing to enter the competition (“the Entrant”) to win the Prize should submit a Submission which must:

(a) aim to answer the Prize Question;

(b) be in the form of a single document comprising:

(i) a Non-Technical Summary of 500 words or less; plus

(ii) a main submission of 5,000 words or less (footnotes, diagrams, charts, pictorial material, maps, spreadsheet outputs, financially modelling and tables are permitted and will not count towards this word limit; Appendices containing further ancillary material of any kind are also permitted and will not count towards this word limit); plus

(c) be submitted electronically to indigoprize@global-perspectives.org.uk (hard copy submissions will not be accepted);

(e) be received by 1800hrs GMT on Friday 15 September 2017 or – in case the Judges decide to extend the submission period – by expiry of the extended submission period announced on the Global Perspectives website (https://indigo.testudo.goodcaesar.org/indigo-prize/);

(f) be in English; 

(g) have numbered pages;

(h) be presented on A4 size pages (oversize maps and diagrams will not be accepted);

(i) contain nothing that is defamatory or indecent.

  1. In submitting a Submission, the Entrant:

(a) agrees to be bound by these Rules and warrants that his/her Submission meets the conditions set out in these Rules;

(b) (in the case of joint Submissions from more than one person or organisation) warrants that he/she has been nominated by all of the contributors to that Submission to be the person nominated to be paid the Prize in the event that the Entrant’s Submission is the winning Submission;

(c) warrants that:

(i) as at the date of the Submission the Submission is the original work of the author and has not been copied wholly or substantially from any other work or material or any other source;

(ii) the author(s) is/are the sole legal and beneficial owner of the Submission in its entirety, references to past original works excluded;

(iii) the author has not assigned or licensed and will not assign or license any of the rights in the Submission until the competition has concluded and a winner has been announced;

(iv) the author is unaware that the Submission infringes any rights of any third party;

(d) warrants that they are eligible to enter the competition;

(e) indemnifies LetterOne, the Indigo Prize Judges, and all other persons associated with the administration of the Prize against any legal action arising from a false, incomplete or misleading warranty given in accordance with these Rules;

(f) agrees that the Entrant may be contacted by the Judges or administrative staff to provide information in connection with the Prize both during and after the competition.

  1. The Judges reserves the right to use online plagiarism checks. Any Submission judged to have plagiarised other work or is otherwise in breach of the aforementioned warranties will be disqualified.
  2. Submissions which do not meet the conditions set out above will not be eligible for the Prize and will be disqualified.


  1. The Judges will shortlist a number of Primary Submissions drawn from all such Submissions. The Judges reserve the right not to consider any Appendices attached to the Primary Submissions in devising the shortlist.
  2. The Judges will write to Entrants who are successfully shortlisted, inviting them to elaborate on their submission in the form of a presentation to the Judges
  3. The presentations following the shortlist must:

(a) aim to elaborate upon the answer provided to the Prize Question by the Entrant’s Submission;

(b) aim to answer any supplementary, additional or clarificatory questions posed by the Judges to Entrants invited to submit presentations (and such questions may be different for different Entrants);

(c) meet the conditions set out above as if they were interpreted to apply to Secondary Submissions rather than Primary Submissions, except that Secondary Submissions must instead be received by 1800hrs GMT on 12th October 2017 or – in case the Judges decide to extend the secondary submission period – by expiry of the extended secondary submission period announced on the Global Perspectives website (https://indigo.testudo.goodcaesar.org/indigo-prize/).

  1. In submitting a presentation, Entrants agree (if requested) to present their presentation to the Judges and/or to an organised event in person and to the public broadcast of such presentations.

Winning Entrant

  1. The Judges will review each of the presentations and decide the Winning Entrant and runners-up from among those presentations on merit. The Judges’ decision is final.
  2. Should the Judges conclude that no presentation is of suitable standard, the Judges reserve the right not to award the Prize money.

Other Prizes and Prize Conditions

  1. Judges will have the discretion to award Additional Prizes to recognise Entrants whose Submissions address aspects of the Prize Question in particularly innovative, creative or otherwise outstanding ways.
  2. The Judges will make reasonable efforts to contact and pay Prize winners, but does not undertake to contact unsuccessful Entrants. Prizes which have not been paid (despite reasonable efforts) within six months of the announcement of the Winning Entrant will be withdrawn and returned to the Trust.

Intellectual Property, Publicity and Publication, Right to name

  1. In entering the competition, Entrants:

(a) grant the Indigo Prize a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, non-exclusive licence to use, reproduce, distribute, rent, lend, perform and communicate, in whole or in part, all copyright and other rights of a similar nature subsisting in the Submission in any part of the world and agrees to license on the same terms all such rights in the Submission that vest in the Entrant after the date of this Agreement. The Entrants waive all moral rights in the Submission in relation to the Indigo Prize’s use of the Submission.

(b) agree to their names being made public, and agree to make themselves available for reasonable publicity, marketing and promotional purposes, whether or not their entries are shortlisted or win the Prize.

  1. The Indigo Prize shall identify the Entrants as the author of the Submission. In return, the Entrants agree that the Indigo Prize shall have the exclusive rights to: (i) create and provide a name under which the Submission shall be communicated and publicised to all third parties (“Submission Name”), such name to be notified to the Entrants by the Indigo Prize; and (ii) publicise the Submission to all third parties, under the Submission Name or any other name.
  2. The Entrants shall cooperate and provide all reasonable assistance requested by the Indigo Prize, at the Indigo Prize’s cost, to publicise the Submission to any third party and shall not communicate, reference or mention the Submission to any third party by any name other than the Submission Name.
  1. The award of a Prize to, or the publication of, any Submission is not necessarily an endorsement of the contents of that Submission by the Judges, the Indigo Prize or LetterOne Group.
  2. Entrants may publicise at any time the fact that they plan to submit or have submitted a Submission, been shortlisted and invited to submit a Secondary Submission, or won a Prize. Entrants are encouraged to inform the Indigo Prize team of any publicity they receive or plan to seek.

Rules Interpretation and Amendment

  1. In the event of a dispute, the Judges’ ruling on the interpretation of these Rules (having consulted the Judges) is final.
  2. The Judges reserves the right to amend, supplement or clarify these Rules at any time (including changes to deadlines and characteristics of Submissions). Up to date Rules will be published on the Global Perspectives website (https://indigo.testudo.goodcaesar.org/indigo-prize/).
  3. The Judges may from time to time publish additional guidance for potential or actual Entrants on the Global Perspectives website.