LetterOne is an international investment business, with offices in London, and is headquartered in Luxembourg. Our investment decisions are informed by our industry-leading insight in key markets. As entrepreneurs and successful business people, we invest in companies where we see an attractive valuation, competitive advantage and market opportunity, and where our strategic involvement will build significant value.

We are long-term growth investors with no fixed investment time horizons and significant funding available of permanent capital. We invest internationally, at scale, in the energy, technology & telecoms, health and retail sectors, where we have unrivalled expertise and believe we can generate long-term sustainable growth. L1 owns companies and has equity investment in companies with operations in 31 countries around the world.

Global Perspectives Series Director: Stuart Bruseth

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The Brewery at freuds is a strategic communications consultancy. We partner with corporations, brands, governments and individuals to build and protect reputation and help them to better connect with the world around them.

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